Here's a profile film my alma mater Endicott College created about me!  
Hi, I'm Michael Rotiroti, a photographer, videographer, and editor based out of Boston, Massachusetts. I have over 80 productions under my belt, including 3 major union productions and 3 network films. I have experience working on sets of all sizes and types, from documentaries like The Discovery Channel's Sacred Cod and MTV Film's 16 and Recovering, to dramas like Netflix's Don't Look Up, 20th Century Fox's American Horror Story, and Apple TV+'s Spirited. 
More recently, I worked as a Staff Video Editor, Camera Op, and Gaffer for the Above Summit video production studio before joining Boston University's College of Fine Arts as a faculty Video Producer where was promoted to Media Production Manager at the College of Fine Arts.
I have received several awards for my work, recently the project Hospitality Homes were nominated for a local Emmy award, I was an executive producer for this project filmed and edited by Boston Film Works. In 2021, we won the Robert F Kennedy Human Rights Award For Journalism for MTV Film's 16 and Recovering.  In college I won the Boston Press Photographers Association's college contest, twice, once for my sports photography and once for my multimedia Thesis project. 

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