Converse Theory Ad
Converse Theory Ad, is a concept video created by myself to rebrand and reinvigorate the Converse identity. I was responsible for all aspects of production on this ad, from preproduction to shooting, to editing, to color and titles. 

MGM Music Hall Fenway. Above Summit
MGM Opened a new Music Hall just feet from the iconic Fenway Park. The Above Summit team covered the grand opening and I cut together the final video. 
My credits:
Lead Editor 
Camera Operator
The TD 25M Ad. Above Summit
This was an advertisement for the TD-25 dozer. I was the lead camera operator on the production and the Lead Editor for the project. 
My credits:
Lead Editor
lead Camera Operator
PTC Live Stream opener. Above Summit
This was a headquarters tour made for the company PTC in Boston Massachusetts. This opened for a company-wide Livestream. I was the Lead Gaffer on the production and the Lead Editor in Post Production. 
My Credits:
Lead Gaffer
Lead Editor
Jib Operator