A Tiny Hope (Endicott College Senior Thesis)
As he noticed the number of homeless dramatically increase, Larry, a small-town New Englander, looked for a solution. Turning to his background in contracting, he creates low coast housing for those in need.
Full Film: atinyhope.com
Producer: Michael Rotiroti, Steve Liss
Cinematographer: Michael Rotiroti
Sound operator: Michael Rotiroti, Sam Wallace
Editor: Michael Rotiroti
Tuskegee Airman Colonel Charles E. McGee
 Col. Charles E. McGee, one of the last Tuskegee airmen, takes us through his life discussing racism, the military, and hope. 
Producer: Steve Liss, Endicott College
Cinematographer: Hannah Daigle, Jessica Giesing
Sound operator: Michael Rotiroti
Editors: Michael Rotiroti
Kite Night 
After his wife passed away David Korn went to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, just as he had every year before. In the time since her death her family and friends have found a way to remember and honor her memory without dwelling on the sadness of her passing. "Kathy was selfless, she just wanted everyone to be happy, so that's what we do with Kite Night we gather, we remember, and we celebrate."-David Korn.
Cinematography: Michael Rotiroti
Editor: Michael Rotiroti