Murder in Boston | HBO
An HBO Original Documentary Series in association with The Boston Globe explores the enduring, painful toll the 1989 Stuart case had on those involved, Boston race relations, and how a community can be affected in a rush to justice. 
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16 and Recovering | MTV Films.
The four-part documentary series 16 and Recovering follows the triumphs and tragedies of students working toward graduation while living with substance use and mental health issues at a recovery high school in Boston.
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The Boston Public Library: Mckim Building Documentary Tour | Above Summit.
This 28-minute film tells the story of the Mckim Building, the Boston Public Library's crowning building. The above Summit team spent 3 days capturing details of the building and flying drones throughout space.
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Camera Operator
Senior  Editor
Anchor DownUltra: Toe The Line | Above Summit.
The Anchor Down Ultra is a 24-hour race in Bristol, RI. This ultra-marathon is one of the hardest ever as it takes place on a hot August day in  90° heat and 90% humidity.  With a mix of trail and pavement and the summer heat, this grueling race is known to pose a challenge to even the most experienced trail runners.
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Tuskegee Airman Colonel Charles E. McGee | Endicott College.
 Col. Charles E. McGee, one of the last Tuskegee airmen, takes us through his life discussing racism, the military, and hope. 
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